The BBCs new app Britbox with ITV is set to launch this coming Christmas and one wonders if this is the start of the fadeout of the licensing fee. The BBC Charter – which sets out its object, mission and public purposes – will run until 2027 and this could be the time that television could be transformed and will look nothing like the space we know today.

People are already on the move to streaming services, as a study by Ofcom indicates 16 to 34 year olds are spending less and less time on broadcast TV. In 2017 the average viewing time was 3 hours and 23 minutes a day, which was down 9 minutes (4.2%) from 2016 and 38 minutes (15.7%) since 2012. The same poll also showed, in 2017, over 65’s watched four times as much broadcast TV as children.

Despite these figures, confidence in service broadcasting as a whole remains high. In the previously mentioned study by Ofcom, of the people who watch channels from the public service broadcasters 75% say that they are satisfied and a giant 84% report to consider trusted news to be the most important feature of their output.

The expectation of broadcasters to adapt and overcome competition from online services, is high and collaborations are to be expected to match the growing scale. Younger audiences will and should be the main target as well as new ways to distribute content and we could see this in the upcoming Britbox app, which is a continuation of creating British, world class content

It’s clear that the public feel passionately about the TV licence and the issue of who should be paying for it, if at all and feelings towards the BBC itself are just as passionately talked about on all platforms.

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